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Multimedia displayer




Elevator Hall multimedia displayer



It could be a simple advertisement displayer



It could be your modern elevator display screen.



Suitable most brand elevator and compatible with most of the control systems.



Enjoy the lifting time

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Project Cases

Elevator traction machine






UPlift supplying all types of traction machine for passenger elevator, cargo elevator, home elevator, etc.


1. Geared traction machine



2. Gearless traction machine



3. Disc traction machine




UPlift provide solutions on your elevator traction machine renovation.





Monarch NICE3000+




Emerson ES2402


Yaskawa L1000A


Steel rope





Steel rope fiber core 8*19S+NF



Steel rope steel core 8*19S+IWRC



Full range specifications:






Chinese brand: GoldSun, Universal, Safety, BRITX, etc.



Foreign brand: Kiswire, Tokyo, Gustav Wolf, Drako, Brugg, etc.



Escalator drive motor

UPlift provide solutions for your old escalator drive motor renovation.





Economical & efficiency




Suitable for most brand escalator and travelators




After-sale service to support you until finish the installation

  • Escalator Energy Saving

    To save escalator energy, longer your escalator life span.




    1. Inverter


    Additional inverter, to control the escalator, stop or move slowly when no passengers



    2. Brake resistance


    Control the inout and output current and voltage



    3. Photocell sensor


    Detect the passenger when passby, and send signal to controller



    4. Indicator


    Indicate the escalator move direction